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2018 Recap

The Meeting of the Marques Festival: 

'Stretching Boundaries and Defining 'Art'!

Late 2008 and it was me who talked the SVVSCC Board into taking The Meeting of the Marques out of Allenberry Resort so our private motorshow could occupy a venue that offered activities for the entire family while also introducing the public to folks like you who energize our hobby. Good-sounding partnership intentions of those first 4 years (2009 – 2012) didn't equate to the results I was after so they were an unfortunate misfire. But some of you hung with me as my 'never quit' passion for the event kept me working and searching, and I'm thankful for your words of encouragement and support as I did.

It was in 2011 that Angie and I visited Harvest of the Arts to witness the block of West High Street we were on today as barricaded yet 100% vacant. The arts/craft show still had a half-block of growing to do just to get to our beginning High/West Streets intersection...and I saw an opportunity. Growing up on a farm outside of Carlisle, the town always had the draw of 'home' even during our 15 years in Florida, and on that day I told Angie that this block spoke to me. I didn't know how it could happen but The MoM had to be here. It took two years but CPR (Creativity, Patience and Resolve) eventually brought about our show's first 'HOT Arts' appointment in 2013, the last 4 years being positioned exactly where we were today as I had envisioned. The community and media acceptance we've received over these 6 years has been great, the results showing us that we belong here! Traditional artisans like Julie Riker have certainly accepted us, with her and several others usually embedded within our show to sketch and paint.

The 2018 'Artistry on Wheels' Motorshow will go down as another great celebration of vehicular art on the streets of Carlisle, several people telling me that this was the best one yet! One of our long-distance entrants wrote me that “Your event has captured the ambiance of/for the British car enthusiast. From the stone walls, the brick pavers, the juried art show and the ivy covered buildings to display and have your car viewed is quite a pleasure! We will be back again and again!”

Our 6th year in partnership with Harvest of the Arts drew an estimated 20,000 people to the streets of Carlisle. Held on the last official day of Summer it had the feel of Autumn’s impending arrival later that evening. Cloudy but dry has been a rarely seen weekend combination this year so everyone really enjoyed being outdoors in our max'd out and diverse display of magnificent vehicles parked in the shadows of Dickinson College. The sights and sounds of townspeople, car owners, artists, sponsors, youth and volunteers all finding commonality is always exciting. The owner/entrants were entertaining and educating on a West High Street that was literally packed with festival-goers all day long…what a fantastic sight! Evidence of that can be found on our Gallery page.

It takes a dedicated team of Volunteers and Contributors to make The MoM happen. Each one's efforts allow us to present our unique show, so please applaud them and support those businesses that have supported us. I can't say enough about our great Sponsors, some who have been with us since the 2002 Hershey Vintage Hillclimb – please see our Sponsors page for the complete listing.

Introducing our 2018 Judges & Award Winners

Judging Captain Sharon Vaughn led new judges from the Toys of Time Kruzers Car Club to cast fresh eyes on our Classes, led by long-time friend and Club President Steve Sworen. They did a great job and had fun doing it!

The Wild Card, Asian and British Motorbike Classes were judged by eight students from Carlisle Area High School's Automotive Technology Program. With two previous years of experience behind them, they put forth a great effort that was respectfully acknowledged by the Motorshow entrants. Led by Stephanie Tripp, AACA Judge Eric Walhberg and CAHS instructor David Appleman, these young people represent the future of our automotive industry and hobby!

It seems the scoring gets tougher every year but the judges performed their precision job of making sure that each score and vote counted. So just how close were the Class scores? Of the nine (9) judged Classes, four (4) went to tie-breaker bonus points to arrive at the final order and one of those (Wild Card) went to a second round to break a 3-way tie! The top to bottom range across most classes was just a half-dozen points.

Once again Mark Lenart of Weldon Acres Trophy, Inc. of McKeesport, PA provided all of our outstanding dash plaques and awards. SVVSCC Founder Jim Chichi assisted with the awards presentations, so here we go:

British Classes

British Invasion (pre-1962)

1st Place – 1959 Triumph TR-3A, Scott & Cindy Suhring

2nd Place – 1958 MGA, Ron & Deb Shuey

3rd Place – 1962 Triumph TR-4, Robert Beers

Vintage British (1962 – 1970)

1st Place – 1969 MGB, Ed & Susan Katz

2nd Place – 1970 Jaguar E-Type, Rory Liebrum

3rd Place - 1967 MGB, Lee Miller

4th Place – 1966 Sunbeam Tiger, David Lavertue

Classic British (1971 – 1981)

1st Place – 1972 Triumph TR-6, Brad & Melanie Houck 

2nd Place – 1973 Triumph TR-6, Jerry & Jenn Frasso

3rd Place - 1973 MGB, Bill Abers

British Phoenix (1982 – Present)

1st Place – 2005 Jaguar XK8, Ed Plank

2nd Place – 1994 Jaguar XJS, Pat Petrillo

British Motorbike

1st Place – 2002 Triumph Bonneville Golden Jubilee, Paul Howell 

International Classes

North American Class

1st Place – 1990 ASC McLaren, Dwight Hutton

European Class

1st Place – 1972 BMW 2002tii, Michael Perry

2nd Place – 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C, Andy Kerr

3rd Place – 2017 Mercedes Benz S550 Cabriolet, David & Cindie Petersen

Asian Class

1st Place – 1966 Datsun 1600, Marty Lind

2nd Place – 2017 Mazda Miata MX-5 RF, Michael Cory

Wild Card Class

1st Place – 1971 Plymouth Road Runner, Dave Eckert

2nd Place – 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air, Van VanScyoc

3rd Place – 1960 Chevrolet Bel-Air, Tim Powell

The ‘Best of British’ Founders Award, commemorating our Allenberry years, was presented by Jeff Goss of the Market Cross Pub & Brewery in downtown Carlisle. All Motorshow entrants voted for their favorite British vehicle, choosing the:

  • 1966 Austin Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 of Stephen & Joy Caldwell from Chambersburg, PA

And lastly, The ‘Winners Circle Showdown’ Award was back in 2018 by pitting all 2017 1st Place winners in a heads-up, winner-take-all competition as voted on by the Motorshow participants. The Platinum Sponsor AIRCOOLED Racing award went to the:

  • 1957 Triumph TR-3 of Bob & Tina Krivenko from Mt. Holly Springs, PA

Sunday’s ‘Artistry in Motion’ Driving Tour was the work of Director Van Webster and Carol Heide. For the first time our tour started on the east side of the Susquehanna River at Fort Hunter Park. Although not bright and sunny, the early morning showers subsided in time for a dry but cool drive of approximately 80 miles through upper Dauphin County and beyond. We ended the Tour at Stony Creek Inn to finish out our day with fine food and great friends.

The conclusion of my MoM story is that this was my last year as Festival Chairman after 10 years at the wheel. 2018 has been a difficult year of adjustments within the Carpenter family, requiring time that I don't have to dedicate to next year's MoM at my self-imposed, full-bore level. It's been my pleasure to serve you, our hobby and the region over these last 10 years. So now the search is on as I write this Recap, hoping (like you) that the SVVSCC leadership will appoint a successor to lead this important regional Festival into the future. Watch the website for more information as Spring 2019 approaches.

Stan Carpenter

Event Chairman

The Meeting of the Marques Festival